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Yes, that was me about a year ago. I am not proud of anything I have done to myself, there are still moments when I have thoughts that it was right, that I deserved it and even more. But the most important thing now is that this was a year ago, I havent do it for all this time and believe me it wasnt easy at the beginning, but it was worth of it, it oś so much easier to live without hiding your skin so no one can see your fresh cuts, its so much easier because with the passing time I even stopped paying attention to that I have scars on my arms and that someone might see them and give me this uncomfortable question. It is not the greatest time in my life, it was very rough and full of different problems, well, its still hard sometimes for me, some of the people have left me and I didnt get much support from anyone. But this is life and everyone should watch over themselves. I still have problems with my fucked up head and I cant trust anyone, Im building a wall and keep everyone for a distance, but who knows if I could compare myself from now and from the past, maybe I could say that now is better? I dont know. Oh if anyone have read that, I dont expect anything, thank you, good day


Armed workers of the German Revolution in the streets of Berlin, 1918.
"Siadam, wyciągam szluga, biorę bucha za tych, którym już nie ufam."

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podobno nawroty są częste, cykliczne, może by i to tłumaczyło cokolwiek, to wieczne czucie się jak zużyta prezerwatywa

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Lumière du soir by O.G. Rejlander, c. 1860

Johnny Cash, Los Angeles, June 1961 by Leigh Wiener.
"All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex."
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and some red wine

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